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Move Base – removals to and from Italy

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Move Base is your experienced partner for removals to and from Italy, operating a dedicated service between London and Tuscany, Florence, San Marino, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. We also have weekly runs between London and Switzerland, and these can also incorporate parts of northern Italy, including Milan, Turin and Venice.

These are all highly desirable cities in which to live and make incredible and unique purchases that will liven up any home. Italian furniture, for instance, is a true classic and always in vogue, and many of our discerning clients prefer to seek out their own while on holiday in the region, instead of buying back home. It can often be of better quality, and better priced. Then it's simply a matter of having it delivered back to the UK.

Along with Italy, we also have a France furniture delivery service, and this includes people's existing furniture that they want sent to a new location where they may be setting up a new or second home. Our experienced staff treat each item of furniture with the greatest of care, from the moment of pick-up right through to the final stage of delivery, so you can have peace of mind knowing they'll arrive as they left.

The same is true for all sizes of internet orders for packages and larger items requiring delivery to or from Italy and the UK. We will collect your purchases and bring them direct to your door in no time – and at highly affordable rates.

Looking to add to your antiques collection in Milan? It doesn't matter what you come across and buy: just make your purchases while in the beautiful Italian city, and leave the delivery worries to us. We know all about Italian customs, the roads and best routes to take – so there's no need for you to concern yourself about any aspect of antiques, including antique furniture collection and delivery.

In Italy we also handle designers' exhibitions delivery and setting up in Milan's famous exhibitions venues means all kinds of things have to be sent from one city to another, from many racks of top-end clothing to all the various backdrops and other stage elements needed to put on a show. We accept part loads removals, and will do any artwork collection and delivery to the UK.

We have a new fleet of vehicles that are satellite tracked and have goods in transit insurance up to £100k per vehicle. Additionally, we also provide ship furnishing to Port Cervo in Sardinia, and will give the best quotes for corporate or private removals all around Europe. Contact us now and get yours!