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Move Base – removals to and from the Netherlands and Luxembourg

The British and Dutch capitals are among the most vibrant and exciting cities in all of Europe, and so it’s not surprising that a large amount of people are constantly shifting between the two, whether for work or leisure, and taking all their possessions with them to settle down to a wonderful new home.

That’s why Move Base established a dedicated removals service between London and Amsterdam, one that’s based on friendly service, high quality and affordable rates. It makes setting up a new home or business in either city a breeze.

There’s no waiting around either. With our weekly runs between London and Holland, you can be sure your precious and valuable items will arrive just as you do. In fact, we do removals to and from the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and we can handle just about anything.

Many people who are relocating naturally want to take their furniture with them, cherished pieces that perhaps have been in the family for generations and which they just feel so comfortable having around. Our staff are experts in furniture delivery, and facilitating furniture collection in the Netherlands, and will make sure it’s packed the right way and delivered without any problems or damage.

In recent times we’ve branched out into the booming business that is online shopping, and we’re also now delivering internet orders. Bought something big online and wondering how to get your hands on it? We can help you out, with deliveries direct to The Hague and Rotterdam.

Corporate moves and office removals between Amsterdam and London or anywhere else in the UK can be complex and tricky, as there's usually so much furniture, sensitive equipment and other items involved. We'll handle all the critical logistics for you, so you don't have to worry and can get on with establishing your new business.

We’re also keenly aware that the Dutch capital city is a mecca for antique lovers everywhere, and so we also offer antiques collection in Amsterdam, and we’re happy to do part loads or back loads. Got some excess baggage that might cost you a packet? Get it home for less with Move Base.

Our extensive services between London and Amsterdam also includes student moves and artwork collection and delivery to the UK. We’re proud to say that we have a new fleet of vehicles that are satellite tracked and goods in transit insurance up to £100k per vehicle.

Make sure if you're planning to move to or from London or Amsterdam that you pick the right removals firm: call Move Base today and get the high-quality service you deserve.

History of the Netherlands

The nation known today as The Netherlands was born in an 80 year revolt from the Spanish Empire in the 16th century, and established itself as one of the world's most capable naval powers, monopolising European trade through Antwerp, which was the largest trading port in all of Europe. The power swung to Amsterdam, and with the rich Indonesia as its protectorate, the Dutch people thrived whilst minimizing their contact with the violent Europe around them. Despite their self-assured neutrality during the Great War, they were invaded and occupied by German troops between 1940-5. As a result of this, They pursued stronger integration amongst the Great European powers, and were not only a founding member of the European Coal and Steel Community but also of the Schuman plan, as well as the European Convention on Human Rights. They, and especially the city of Amsterdam, remain a centre of world culture whilst celeberating the works and achievements of famous Dutch painters, musicians, and sculpturists.

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