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Removals to Belgium

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Moving to a foreign country can always seem a daunting prospect, even if it's to a close European country like Belgium. It still requires a different kind of logistics to moving within the UK.

One of the key things to work out of course is how to move all your belongings over the Channel.

At Movebase, we're highly experienced in removals to and from Belgium and Luxembourg, with weekly runs between London and Belgium.

So we can give you one less thing to worry about at a time when you'll have enough on your mind.

As well as regular furniture delivery and removal, we take internet orders so your whole move can be organised online.

At the same time, we're used to transporting valuable goods like artwork and antiques, so we're not just for house moves. Talk to us if you want antiques collection from Antwerp, Liege, Ghent or Brussels.

When it comes to straightforward furniture collection, Belgium is a country we know well. What's more, we're happy to do runs with part loads or packloads, and we know all about the rules concerning customs, taxes and excess baggage, not to mention all the paperwork required.

We're equally well-versed in things like student moves, with collection and delivery to and from the UK.

What's more, our new fleet of vehicles is satellite tracked with goods in transit insured up to £100k per vehicle, giving you extra peace of mind at a time when you most need it.

Finally, we can pack you up from anywhere in the UK with shipping to the Belgian ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Bruges and others with our dedicated removals services between London and the UK and Belgium.

We also offer collection of furniture via internet orders from the UK with delivery to Belgium, whether that's Brussels or anywhere else.

As well as basic domestic removals between the UK and Belgium, we're experienced in corporate moves and office removals between Brussels and London or elsewhere in the UK. We appreciate how stressful moving a business overseas can be, so do all we can to make life easy.

Talk to us today for a free no obligation quote, whatever your needs. Belgium is a country we know well, so we'll be glad to help talk you through what you require.